Rashtriya Patrakarita Kalyan Nyas (RPKN) was inspired by eminent freedom fighter and journalist Late Bapurao Lele, one of the founding fathers of the nationalist Indian multilingual news agency – Hindusthan Samachar. It is a Trust Organisation. It was founded in April 2002, with eminent jurist and former member of the National Law Commission Dr N. M. Ghatate as its Chairman.

The Nyas stressed upon upholding the best practices in the profession of Journalism vis-a-vis Media. It, at the same time, felt the need for research and modernisation – up gradation of journalism practised in India. It was also found there were very few programmes and institutes to provide refresher courses for journalists, where they could be updated on newer trends and development in the profession. Hence it was also decided to create such training facilities as and when needed.

Publication of issues and books relevant to the time and topic; grant of scholarships to researchers and students; provide training facilities for budding journalists; organise seminars and discussions on timely topics, promote national integration and fraternity among journalists and media are a few activities of the Nyas.

Vision :

Our Vision is to prepare the journalists for newer media technologies without losing sight of national and professional interests.

Mission :

Our Mission is to promote fearless, nationalist honest journalism in all regions and languages of India. It is for this purpose, to establish educational institutions and centres to train a new and best breed of journalists, also forms part of the mission.

Board of Trustees :

  • Chairman: Shri. Ravindra Manilal Sanghavi
  • Vice Chairman: Shri. Rakesh Bahal
  • Vice Chairman: Shri. Chandrashekhar Garge
  • Secretary: Shri. Rajkumar Sharma
  • Treasurer: Shri. Deen Dayal Agrawal
  • Member: Dr. N. M. Ghatate
  • Member: Dr. Ravindra Agrawal
  • Member: Shri. Haribhau Mirasdar
  • Member: Shri. Shyam Parande
  • Member: Shri. Laxmi Narayan Bhala
  • Member: Shri. Paresh Kant
  • Member: Shri. Arvind Mardikar
  • Member: Shri. Shriram Joshi
  • Member: Shri. Pannalal Bhansali


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